I’m Ann and I’m a writer, improviser and podcaster. Originally, I created The Terrified Writer because, well, it seemed like a very accurate description at the time. And I kinda hoped it would help me connect with other creative folks that maybe felt the same.

Well thanks to the internet, my cunning plan worked. I’ve met some incredible people since starting this venture, made some truly valuable friendships and still feel like I’m only just beginning.

Since acknowledging my inner scaredy cat, I’ve definitely got to know myself better. That sounds a bit wanky, but it’s true and don’t worry, I never linger on the deep and meaningful for too long, I’m far too British and repressed for that sort of thing. Expect some self-deprecating overly dismissive trivialisation pretty soon. What a twat I am. See?

Anyway, I am still a writer, with an unpublished novel and several short stories under my belt. I am often still terrified but my relationship with that terror has evolved. I kinda love it. See this blogpost to read more. As well as writing, I’ve rediscovered my passion for comedy and performing through improvisation and stand-up. During lockdown in 2020 I created a series of short nature mockumentaries for You Tube and BBC Radio Suffolk. I’ve also hosted my own podcasts, guested on a couple of others and have dipped my toe in the world of public speaking. Currently I’m working on a solo stage production, a sitcom and a television comedy drama.

So far, it’s been – is still being – a joyful experience that I’ll continue to share as long as I have fingers to type. I love hearing from readers or podcast listeners, so if you’d like to get in touch, please email me ann@theterrifiedwriter.com, use the contact form here or find me on social media.

Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for reading. I hope you’ll stick around and do feel free to add any comments or pass on any ideas you’d like to share. You’ll always be credited. Ax