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I'm Ann, The Terrified Writer, here to navigate the choppy, unpredictable, all-too-predictable, treacherous, wonderful waters of writing territory so you don’t have to. Join me, dip your toe or watch from the shore from behind that book you’re reading.  Find out more about me here

About me


Welcome to The Terrified Writer, musings from the trembling fingers and jumbled up mind and of a shit-scared aspiring author (me).  We live in a scary world and writing is a scary business: so many other brilliant, brilliant writers out there; literary agents; publishers; self-publishing; others’ opinions; self-loathing; judgement; critics (internal and external); no time; work; kids; pet donkeys, you name it. Everywhere, there are monsters ready to sabotage your efforts, mess with your head and try and convince you to give up.

But give up we will not.

Because it is NOT nobler in the mind to suffer the IBS and dry mouths of our misfortune, but to take peppermint oil and chamomile tea against a sea of cramps and gurgling, and by so doing, end them (or least alleviate some of the uncomfortable symptoms). And to write, regardless.

On here I’ll share stuff I think you’ll find useful or inspiring, such as writing tips, ideas, highlights from writers’ events, book recommedations and anything else that might stoke our collective creative fires.  Once in a while I’ll treat us all to some insider knowledge from ACTUAL AUTHORS and other impressive folk from the literary world.

You do what you love. Pick up the pen. Write that book/story/novella/screenplay/blog. Get it started. Get it finished. If I can, so can you. Submit some work if you like and I’ll put it up on the community platform (coming soon).  Oh, and if you can tell your friends all about this website and our lovely community, that would be brilliant too.

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Thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading. Please do stick around and feel free to add any comments or pass on any ideas you’dlike to share. You’ll always be credited.

Ann xxx

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